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As a registered independent firm, Trajan Wealth is committed to financial education and solid, professional investing guidance. We are proud to extend those same values to our new ETF fund.

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The Trajan Wealth Income Opportunities (TWIO) Fund seeks to provide current income with a preservation of capital mindset while trying to beat the results of an blended index composed of U.S. dollar-denominated preferred and hybrid securities (ICE Preferred & Hybrid – 45%), S&P 500 (30%) and the Barclays Aggregate (25%). Additionally, the Fund seeks to capture upside capital appreciation for under-valued assets within the specified asset classes listed below.

The investment strategy is based on looking for financially sound companies operating in industries we view as attractive. Once these companies are identified we look across the capital structure to find investments that will meet our income targets and which we believe offer safety of principal and a return profile that meets our hurdle rate. Investors can expect that, over time, approximately 80% of the total return will come from income with the balance from capital appreciation


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Jeff Junior has spent over two decades in the financial services profession helping individuals and couples in or nearing retirement better understand and prepare for the challenges associated with financial landscape. Prior to that, Jeff was a “devil dog” of the United States Marine Corps, where he proudly served in a Marine Expeditionary Unit. Jeff continues to serves his clients and employees with the utmost service and respect.

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